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Donations Policy
Goods and materials
The trustees of Upton Community Library are grateful to accept donations of good
quality books, CDs, DVDs and other suitable items that can be used in the library.
Anyone wishing to donate items will be asked to sign our donations form to show that
they have accepted that the trustees will have the final decisions as to how donations
will be used in line with the criteria set out below.
1. All good quality books, CDs, DVDs etc. will be added to our library catalogue and
shelves, unless:
a. We already have a better copy of the item in stock, in which case it will either:
i. be placed in the reserve stock (see item b. below);
ii. be offered to one of the other Wakefield community libraries;
iii. be offered to another charity such as the Lions overseas book aid;
iv. be sold for library funds.
b. Should our reserve stock exceed our storage space then either a.ii., a.iii. or
a.iv. will apply.
c. The item is not appropriate for our stock because:
i. the item or the content is of a too specialist nature for us to use given
our limited shelf space;
ii. the content is of an unsuitable nature for the majority of our members.
2. Where either c.i. or c.ii. apply we will:
a. Offer to return the item/s to the donor; or
b. Sell the item/s for library funds.
The trustees of Upton Community Library rely extensively on the goodwill and
generosity of our members to support the future running and provision of the library. We
will happily accept monetary donations of any size. All donors must understand that the
trustees will have the final decisions as to how donations will be used. All decisions will
be in line with the rules and regulations set out in our constitution and within the
parameters set out by the Charity Commission.
Donors making donations of £5 or more will be asked to complete a Gift Aid form if they
meet the tax criteria.