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Upton and North Elmsall Community Forum


             UNEF is best Described by it's objectives as listed in it's articles of association "Established to promote the welfare of the Parish of Upton and North Elmsall and it's environs and to provide facilities and services which maintain and enhance the quality of life for residents".

Since it's original registration as an incorporated company on the 14th March 2012 and subsequent amendment of it's articles of association on the 14th of February 2013 was formed as a social enterprise "A NOT FOR PROFIT COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE" Company Number 7990661. UNEF currently has three directors who manage it for the benefit of the communities. 



             UNEF is a formerly constituted community minded group which was established over 15 years ago in serving, identifying, delivering projects and supporting local third sector voluntary groups including a track record and experience securing funding small streams for the benefit of community groups not only in the parish of Upton and North Elmsall, but the wider communities. The group identified taking the next steps to enable further progression of the group by registering as an incorporated not for profit social enterprise company.



            Having now completed the incorporation of UNEF the next steps  are expanding it's scope of works to the wider community, whilst achieving Charitable Status from the charity commission will be it's short to mid-term goals.



            The three directors currently as of 26th of July 2016 are:


- Mr Arthur Miles of Upton from 1st April 2016

- Mr Steven Pallet of Upton from 14th March 2012

- Mr John Wilson of Upton from 26th July 2016